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do you know how fast i would buy that


Some context: entering this season, no woman had completed a televised course in either Japanese or American Ninja Warriors. I’d also argue that ANW’s qualifying courses are harder than any Stage 1 course on either.

“There are many social norms which are terrible, and which deserve to be challenged, or to be ignored. But there are also many social norms that are there because they work well for letting large numbers of people hang out in the same general space without stabbing each other over who borrowed whose stapler. And I have seen an unfortunate, high correlation between “I am so much smarter and more rational than all those sheep who just default to whatever society tells them to!” and people who are not good people to those around them.

Human beings are emotional, social cultures. Even the most level-minded introverted person ever created has emotions and needs to deal with other people. Taking emotions and the feelings of other people and social convention into account is rational. It does not mean that they rule every decision! But they are a valid and important part of the decision-making purpose.

When someone says that they are too “rational” for that sort of thing, it generally means they’re too selfish to take into account anyone else’s needs or desires. And somehow their “rational” conclusion ends up being what they happen to feel like.”

Comment from #547: “Is it my anxiety or is my relationship dodgy?” Spoiler: Holy fuckshit, IT’S THE DODGIEST | CaptainAwkward.com

YES THIS never let someone treat you like shit under the presence of “I don’t care about these stupid social norms.”

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“Absence of emotions neither causes nor promotes rationality. […] In order to respond reasonably one must first of all be ‘moved,’ and the opposite of emotional is not ‘rational,’ whatever that may mean…”
- Arendt, “On Violence,” in Crises of the Republic p. 161 (via feelingpolitical)
senorabale asked: Can you draw something Malfoy? I'm having serious withdrawals from your Malfoys haha


man im always surprised how many people still ask about malfoy stuff, that’s cool haha.  

i had another ask asking to post some of my old art so here’s a combination!

redrew one of my first drawings ever of the malfoys, from 2004 lol



bonus snakey



she could get murdered and men would be like lets wait for the facts its possible she hired a guy to kill her to make gamers look like whackjob freaks